New and returning users should complete the LiMiF training form in order to gain access to the systems of the facility, and if needed the LiMiF project form

  •  New users will be given access to the systems after following adequate training by JM Vanderwinden or M Martens for widefield or confocal.
  • Returning users, who have not used the microscopes for an extended period, are encouraged to ask for a refresher course.
  • Advanced users, who are interested in advanced microscopy techniques (e.g. FRAP, FRET, Spectral imaging …) can ask for specific training in these techniques.

LSM 510 (confocal)

Confocal training comprises two introductory sessions of two hours each, using ZEN  software. The training covers fluorescence and confocal imaging starting from basic microscopy theory and concepts. The first 2 hour session concerns a demonstration session, while the next 2 hour session is hands-on, under supervision, to get acquainted with the software and the microscope.

 LSM 780 (confocal, multiphoton)

Users should first be familiar with the LSM 510 and ZEN software. Experienced users who where trained on the LSM 510 can follow a one hour training session to gain access to the LSM 780.

Axio (widefield)

The training for the Axio is currently run independently of the confocal training and covers basic fluorescence and microscopy concepts, as well as the operation of the system.


Software training and advice can be provided on request.


Teaching Documents:

  •    General Microscopy: Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF)
  •    Confocal: Zeiss LSM 780 User guide (Doc). Note that the confocal training is following closely the AMMRF confocal section (AMMRF Confocal)
  •    AxioImager: in house guide (Doc)